HEP Dynamics

HEP Dynamics LLC guides companies who develop products for Fatty Liver disease, NASH and NAFLD in developing market-savvy clinical and commercial strategies. Our select group of affiliated senior executives and consultants combines scores of industry experience in virtually every key strategic function. We help you find the right path to market.

Strategic Team

Our world-class team of clinical and commercial strategists combines state-of-the-art modeling and insight development skills with a singular focus on liver disease.

Roger Green

  • Capabilities in qualitative and quantitative marketing research, probability models, multivariate analytics, commercial development and strategies
  • Experience in politics and political polling, media polling. Pharmaceuticals, devices, diagnostics

Bob Lieberman

  • Capabilities in business development, commercial and corporate strategies, financial modeling, contract “C-suite” services
  • Experience in consumer-packaged goods, healthcare strategic consulting, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices


Al Zezulinski

  • Capabilities in finance, hospital management, capital equipment acquisition strategies, telecommunication, international business (as owner)
  • Experience in financial services, hospital oversight, consumer finance and debt management)


Bruce Duncan

  • Capabilities in quantitative marketing research, probability models, multivariate analytics, forecasting
  • Experience in consumer-packaged goods, alcohol, biopharmaceuticals


What We Bring & What We Do

Full set of commercial, analytical and insight development skills.

Senior-level and C-suite experience in companies ranging from Big Pharma and global Diagnostics/Devices to small, entrepreneurial startups.

Help you define the strategic issues that underlie your key commercial initiatives.

Design and help execute solutions based on our extensive experience with a vast array of issues and challenges.

Provide the specific sets of insights, based on market data and/or career experience, to help you navigate around boulders and whirlpools as you move to a solution.


Our knowledge of clinical development and liver disease science means that we can help you determine the best clinical development path and to plan for contingencies that seem plausible.

Surfing The NASh Tsunami Podcast

Our production of the acclaimed podcast Surfing the NASH Tsunami keeps us in weekly contact with patients, caregivers, advocates, financial stakeholders, and opinion leaders throughout the world of Fatty Liver Disease.

Our “Special Sauce”

We are Hep because we focus on the liver and because to the Beat Generation, someone who understood the underlying truths but came from a unique perspective was HEP.