Hep Dynamics LLC supports drug and diagnostic developers in liver diseases in finding the most efficient and effective paths to market.

Strategic Team

Our world-class team of clinical and commercial strategists combines state-of-the-art modeling and insight development skills with a singular focus on liver disease.


Our experience in marketing research and forecasting allows us to assemble efficient, insightful strategic models that estimate your probability of achieving clinical or commercial success in any situation while also identifying the 3-5 critical factors that will shape your outcome.


Our knowledge of clinical development and liver disease science means that we can help you determine the best clinical development path and to plan for contingencies that seem plausible.

Surfing The NASh Tsunami Podcast

Our production of the acclaimed podcast Surfing the NASH Tsunami keeps us in weekly contact with patients, caregivers, advocates, financial stakeholders, and opinion leaders throughout the world of Fatty Liver Disease.

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Our “Special Sauce”

We are Hep because we focus on the liver and because to the Beat Generation, someone who understood the underlying truths but came from a unique perspective was HEP.